Ernst Baart

I was born in 1965 in Hilversum, The Netherlands and moved to Schilde (just north of Antwerp) in Belgium at the age of 8. Single parent  for 3 children, adults already these days. My free time is spent on family & friends, fieldhockey & golf… and adding some content to the wonderful world of internet.
Experienced & hands-on consultant in the field of sales & marketing, recruitment, retail, ISO 9001  integrated management systems, SAAS & internet. Passionate about people, sports and communication !

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The communicator in me can be found at Communicamus.

We focus on strategic marketing consultancy, based upon the Plan – Do – Chec – Act concept we help you set up, adapt & improve your marketing plan.

We also focus online marketing in a more operational way for your website, marketing automation & outsourcing of all marketing related tasks. Also helping you find and use the right online tools to improve your business processes.


Where my passion for people, sports, communication & organisation meet is in Sideline Sports & Got Your Back.

XPS Network by Sideline Sports is a SAAS solution to help coaches, clubs, academies & federations plan, analyse, evaluate and manage their teams & athletes, their dreams & objectives, their efforts & results!

Got Your Back helps sports professionals manage their careers!
Where we’re not about “showing you the money” but rather “showing you the solution”, looking after the athlete’s best interest which is not always the most profit driven choice.



Hockey has been my favorite sport for many years and I’ve blogging about tophockey since 2002 at
And more recently also vlogging through the Hockey5.TV channel.
With over a decade in the trenches as a player, a hockey parent and club administrator, today I’m more the hockey philosopher… who just loves to talk hockey.

Headhunting is the name of the game at The HeadHunters.

Not aiming for those already seeking a job but finding organisations the right (wo)man for the job wherever (s)he may work at the moment. Sales & Marketing profiles are where we are strongest, at any level when experts are not readily available on the job market. C-level challenges for entrepreneurial profiles when confidentiality is key is another specialty of the house.


The usual social media will allow you to have a peek at my private life (Facebook), my professional life (LinkedIn) and a mix of both following my tweets :

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